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Missing Letter Match

This charming game pits the mischievous moon, “Gil” against a star named “Terry”. Gil has taken a letter out of each of Terry’s words and the player must put the words back together again. Kids will enjoy catching the stray letters as they  bounce back and forth on the screen and drag them to the correct set of letters to complete a word. He/she may then go to the next level to form some new words.

Missing Letter Match, at www.kidsspell.com, is extremely customizable. Participants can choose from hundreds of spelling lists of varying degrees of difficulty to help students hone their spelling skills. The hundreds of lists cater to children just beginning to learn to spell, on through middle school and finally high school.

If your child gets tired of playing the game, but still could use some more practice, they’ve got you covered. The words can easily be plugged in to another game on the site and the child can embark on a brand new word game adventure within a few seconds. Similar to the word lists, the spelling games have a wide degree of difficulty to challenge students from first grade on through high school. This game is great for spelling practice for youngsters of all age levels, but, in my opinion, is particularly useful for children from preschool to third grade.



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