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Football fun with Integers

Integer Football is an educational game for children who love football and need to learn the concept of positive and negative numbers. It’s graphical components do a good job of showing kids how a number’s relation to zero impacts addition and subtraction on a number line.

The game is played on a virtual football field, where the yards are represented by a number line in the center of the field, with the “50 yard line” at the “0” position. The child is responsible for knowing where to click to place the football player. The number line goes, 40 units to the left to denote negative, and 40 units to the right to denote positive number positions. To play the game, the child needs to read the question that appears at the bottom of the screen to determine what direction to go for gain and loss.

Once they figure out the answer they click the corresponding point on the yard line (number line). The answer immediately comes up so the child knows if it’s right or wrong. For example, If there is a 10 yard penalty or loss, the player must count 10 points to the left. If there is a 10 yard gain, the player must count 10 points to the right. If your child  makes a mistake, he/she has an opportunity to correct the mistake. I believe this game is a good teaching tool for third to fifth graders. Check it out at: http://www.mathgoodies.com/games/integer_game/football.html

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