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Concerned about autism?

autism_graphicEvery child develops differently. Sometimes it’s difficult to determine if your child is developing quickly or if he or she is struggling with skills that seem to come easy for children of the same age. It can be especially hard to guess if the child is the first born, or is an only child.

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests developmental screenings more a variety of milestones at regular intervals, including screenings specifically geared toward developmental delays at 18 months, and 24 months old.

However, if you are concerned your child may be autistic, don’t wait, set up an appointment to speak with your child’s doctor soon. While the diagnosis is may not be conclusive at first, what’s for certain is that children usually do better when issues are identified as soon as possible. Early detection enables early evaluation and management, which maximizes your child’s chances of enjoying the best possible outcome.

For more information, check out the Centers for Disease Control by clicking here.


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