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Buying and Selling at the Same Time

keysinhandUnless you are a first time buyer or seller, there are likely two sides to your real estate experience. If you’re selling, you may be looking for something to buy, and if you’re buying you probably have something to sell. Timing is everything! The following tips will help you along your process:

  • Are you in a financial position to purchase a house before selling your current property? If not, talk to your financial institution about a bridge loan. This temporary loan (no more than 6 months) usually provides for interest-only payments.
  • Will you have temporary shelter if you sell the home before you finalize the purchase of another? Investigate options such as renting back from the new owners for a short period of time, renting an apartment, staying at a hotel or staying with friends or with relatives. The best option will depend on the specifics of your transactions and your financial standings. Don’t forget to think about storage and moving options for your belongings.
  • How will the timing of the move or moves interrupt daily activities? Don’t forget to provide your child’s school, your employer or other important relationships with your contact information and your expected length of stay.

Ideally, you’d like both the sale and purchase closing dates to be as close as possible. Contact me at 407-312-2191 to discuss the options to ensure you make the best choices throughout the process.

Should you get an inspection before selling your home?


Home inspections can make or break a sale for prospective buyers.
Your house could be someone’s dream home, but then the inspection
reveals problems that require pricey repairs. Instead of waiting for the
buyer’s inspection, consider getting a home inspection before selling.
A pre-inspection helps to eliminate surprises and better prepares you
for the selling process to come. Here are a few reasons to perform an
inspection before listing your home.

Plan ahead for repairs

When home inspections reveal red flags, you need to decide between fixing the problem and leaving it for future owners to handle. If you wait for the buyer’s inspection to discover the issue, you may be left with little time to plan your next move. Performing a home inspection before selling can give you ample time to explore your options. If you decide to fix defects based on the home inspection report, you can take your time and ensure the repairs are done correctly.

Save time and money during the selling process

In addition to giving you more time to fix issues, a pre-inspection could lead to a shortened selling process. Since houses with fewer problems tend to sell faster, fixing the problems revealed in the pre-inspection before you list could make your house more desirable on the market. With the issues already taken care of, there may be less of a reason for buyers to negotiate a drastically lower price.

Build trust with prospective buyers

A pre-inspection allows you to assure prospective buyers that the listing price for the house considers its current condition. If issues are found during the pre-inspection, you’ll be able to tell buyers ahead of time so they won’t be surprised during their own inspection. This can garner trust between you and the potential buyers, giving you a leg up on the competition.

Although pre-inspections are an additional cost, they’re a beneficial tool for home sellers. To better prepare yourself for the selling process ahead, consider performing an inspection before listing your home.

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